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Friday, April 23, 2010

Great how to make hiking sticks tips and wood burning for Beginners

One great hiking stick making idea is to use a simple wood burning to put images on your wood hiking staff. the image to the left is a free hand (no template) design for hiking stick making beginners. You will notice that the design uses lines of various thickness to create a design on the hiking stick or staff that looks like ducks flying over grass reeds in water. The size of the ducks makes then look far away.

Another great way to more details walking stick wood burning is by using templates that are traced onto the wood. Combine elements of wood carving, rope weaving and wood burning into your walking stick making project.

Making walking sticks is a great hobby. it's a great way to take a trip you took home with you. You can collect your own walking staff wood on your vacations, cure it and then start making great hiking sticks on your own.

One great way to start learning how to stain, wood carving, wood burn, make hiking stick rope handles and to avoid problems is by using  the complete A to Z guides to making great wood walking and hiking sticks with your own two hands.

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