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Friday, July 22, 2011

How to make walking sticks inlay insert rocks, magnets adn crystals

Inlay cut stone or magnet in walking hiking sticks and staffs
Here is another inlay of a stone into a walking stick.  When making your own wood walking stick or hiking staff you can insert stones, crystals, magnets and add top handles will a few techniques. Are you learning how to make hiking sticks or staffs for Boy scouts? why settle for the ordinary hiking stick when you can make a unique personalized walking staff or stick by adding wire, rocks, rope, wood burning designs or staining.

It not hard to learn how to make unique walking sticks using simple instructions in the How to make unique walking and hikgin sticks by hand guides.

When collecting your walking stick wood look at the dimensions of the wood. The skinner the wood the harder it is to do things to it when making your hiking staff especially when carving walking sticks. The walking stick image with the inlayed  lagoona agate is approximately 2" x 3" in size. It tapers down to 1.5" inches. depending upon the wood selected you may need thicker wood. If you collect hardwood for your walking stick making project then it can be thinner. However, if you are working with pine, aspen, willow try to get ones that do not taper down to beyond .5" in diameter.

Making hiking sticks with magnets or compasses on the tops require the same though. Get the magnet or compass and then collect your wood to make a hiking stick or walking staff. guides to making walking staffs and hiking sticks out of wood using carving, wood burning, rope work, inlay objects, staining and other techniques is a great way to enjoy the hobby. Collecting hiking stick wood and then only to have it ruined makes for a frustrated hobbyist.  Just as in any hobby there are techniques and methods to working with the material and the surest way to prevent frustration with a new hobby is to get guidance. The inlayed stone above uses wood carving, staining and stone anchoring techniques. No the stone is not just glued to the wood (gluing stone to wood does not hold!). It uses simple techniques learning when making unique walking staffs and hiking sticks.

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