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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scout decorating ideas fro hiking stick and walking staff making

      We get many requests from scout leaders concerning ideas for walking stick making projects. Some of the best ideas how to decorate walking sticks for scout comes from badges received, individual personality of the scouts and utilities added to the hiking sick or walking staff project end result more useful in the wild.

    Scouts earn badges that symbolize certain achievements. One great way is to add the badges to the walking stick or wood burning badge achievement. For example for hiker burn a mountain image or forester wood burn trees. Wood burning is a great way to accent walking stick projects. You can even carve or wood burn the entire Boy Scout oath on the walking stick.  Remember to put your scout troop number too!

     I’m not a great painter so I usually do not paint on walking sticks. However, if you have some artist skills paint scout images on the walking stick project. Remember to put a clear coat on the walking stick first or the paint will soak into the wood and spread out as you paint destroying the image. In previous articles we discussed adding a compass, rope and other useful tools to your walking stick project adding outdoor items that you may need in an emergency.

   Adding a compass to the top of the walking stick or to the lanyard gives you an added outdoor tool. Also, weaving rope onto your hiking stick making project is a great way to carry extra rope when need. If you need instructions on these ideas and much more get the walking stick making guides. Other useful walking stick making add on include whistles, small knife and cutting wire.

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